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the rubber hits the road.  We get detailed, very detailed about every aspect of the design. Final floor plans are made, renderings produced, construction documents are drawn up so we can get accurate estimates from the team of trades people we've assembled. We'll have all the colors, materials, finishes and furnishings selected and ready for approval.  No stone will go unturned. So that when we present to you the final designs you'll not only have a firm grasp of what it will all look like, you'll have an accurate budget as well.

Then we...

take all the information you gave us and start the design process. A process of measuring, creating mood boards and floor plans all for the express purpose of giving you a visual to make you feel comfortable in the direction we are taking.  This is where revisions happen, preliminary budgets are set and if necessary we tweak whatever needs tweaking to make sure you are 100% happy before we move on.

by finding out exactly what your vision for your space is. How do you want to live in your home? What do you value? What are your unique needs? Your lifestyle? What do you like? Dislike? You get it, this is where we ask you a ton of questions so we can create something uniquely yours.

we begin the ordering, tracking, shipping, receiving and inspecting of approved furnishings.  Custom pieces begin being made and at our warehouse everything is collected and stored until we are ready to install.  At the same time we are overseeing and coordinating construction including all the trades - electrical, plumbing, AV, HVAC, landscaping etc.  We are your project manager making sure our designs are executed to our exacting standards, never veering from your original vision.

construction is complete and installation begins.  We take care of everything down to chilling the wine, arranging the flowers brewing the coffee and filling the fridge.  You will walk into a completed home with all the final touches in place so you can begin to live your new life.  This is where you'll be amazed and excited to learn that we've created a home that you love to live in and share with friends and family. One that tells your unique story and holds all the things that are meaningful to you.

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client testimonials 

Shannon Connor was a dream to work with. She took the time to get to know me and my style, understand what I was hoping to accomplish, and help me get there! She worked with me to open me up to new ideas, many of which turned out to be exactly what I wanted, I just didn’t have the creativity or experience to get there myself! She showed me things I’d never have found myself and opened my eyes to how everything would work together. She helped me establish a realistic budget and then stayed within it. Now I come home every day and smile with delight at how my home looks.

Heather McD, NYC 

it was an absolute pleasure to work with shannon connor on our home in new york city. Her innovative design using both new and vintage pieces , has created a timeless space that we absolutely love. shannon was a pleasure to work with, conscious of our budget and attentive to details. I most highly recommend her to friends and colleagues, and look forward to working with her on future projects.

Clare C, NYC 

Shannon and her team really listened to what I wanted and came up with a plan that exceeded my expectations. Always professional and unbelievably creative, my second home became the perfect escape from my busy week in NYC.  

David B. Hamptons, NY

Cara N. Princeton, NJ

We are so glad we called in shannon and her team to help us design our new home.  at first we thought we could go it alone.
we quickly became overwhelmed and realized we needed a professional to achieve what we wanted.  shannon and her team made the process easy, really listened to what we wanted and created a home for us that we truly love.

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Ideally we are your first call. Our number one job is to identify what you want(your vision), translate that into a project framework and then work tirelessly to design and execute to that vision. The best chance for success is for us to be involved from the very beginning. 

When do you come in?

Hiring Shannon Connor means you don't need to worry about putting together a team, managing them and hoping they get along, work well together and execute the designs correctly. We have all the resources to manage large scale renovation projects or new construction.  We'll serve as project manager to insure everything stays true to the vision and meets our exacting standards of quality and efficiency, Giving you peace of mind and one point of contact.  Of course if you've already hired a contractor, we are happy to work with whomever you have chosen.

who handles hiring the contractor and subcontractors?

We are a full services Interior Design and Decorating firm offering:

• Interior Design and Decorating
• Architecture and Space Planning
• Renovations
• New Construction
• Project Management
• Sourcing
• Installation
• Warehousing
• Bespoke Furnishings
• Custom Product Design
• Fine Art Curating

what services do you offer?

creating meaningful spaces is the hallmark of our firm


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